Away for easter!

Thinking of going away for the Easter weekend then you are more than welcome at Onder den Peerenboom. The well known easter eggs are not delivered by the easter Bunny but come form our own “Northern Dutch Blue” chicken. If you want we can hide them for you!

Away for Easter!

Hester and het doughters sent us a basket with beautiful Italian products as a thank you. They of course did not have to ….(card text only availbale in Dutch)

Hester tekst

Heerlijk paaswekend!


Should you be stayong at Onder den Peerenboom in the easter weekend we would like to alert you to the Onder den Peerenboom Dutchtub®. Totally relaxed in a wood burned outdoor bath under the trees or in the middle of the meadow. Whichever way you like it!