Bistro De Vlist

Uit eten bij eetcafe De vlist overnachten bij Onder den peerenboom

Wild duck

Bistro De Vlist has traditonally been a pull-up for nature lovers. Along the river Vlist, the bonrepas of Napoleon in the days, between Schoonhoven, Oudewater and the chees city Gouda you will find numerous magnificant traditional farm houses and wind mills. Bistro De Vlist has an extensive menu  with a la carte dishes, plate service and a monthly changing three-course menu.

Bistro De Vlist and Onder den Peerenboom

You will get to bistro De Vlist by driving or cycling along the canal that goes in front of Onder den Peerenboom all the way through Polsbroekerdam and Polsbroek until you will find the bistro on your left hand.

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