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Rope museum De Baanschuur

Rope-museum „de Baanschuur? is set up in an old shed of a rope-walk for large-thread. From about 1675 till the early twentieth-century ropemakers stored their hemp, thread and utensils in this shed. In the annex, right in front of the door opening to the Wijngaardstreet, stood the great wheel.  The rope-walk stretched out over about […]

Saab museum d’Oude Bolneus

The successes of Eric Karlson in two stroke Saab’s in amongst others the rally of Monte Carlo in 1963 and the sound of the beautiful black two stroke that passed trhough Woerden (Brr popop-pop!!) made Leo Borsboom  fall in love with Saab. Leo who started his own garage in 1968 became the Saab dealer for […]

city museum Woerden

Active, versatile and dynamic Woerden is attractively located in the The Green Heart of The Netherlands, between the cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. The city has a history of centuries of which very little is known especially in relation to the first thousand years of the era, or even older. Fortunately the […]