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Créperie Midden op’t Land

Over a year ago Wietse and grandpa  Leo had plans to rebuild the old farm house on the camping site into a canteen and reception. Busy with the preparations they came across the recipe book of grandma ‘ Gerrigje’  (Gerda’s grandmother). It had the recipe for a specific pancake that inspired them…. The farm house […]

Restaurant Marnemoende

Restaurant Marnemoende is located in the middel of the Utrecht landscape at the banks of the river Hollandse IJssel. The restaurant has a contemporary appearance for which the ecological environement is the starting point. You will find lots of details of this in the interior. Wood and other natural material have been used to harmonize […]

Het Oude Stadhuis

Along the river Hollandse IJssel you will find the rustic town of Montfoort. The town has kept much of it’s old glory and you will find the atmosphere of a real Dutch village here. In one of the most particular buildings of the town, the old town hall, you will now find restaurant ‘Het Oude […]

Bistro De Vlist

Bistro De Vlist has traditonally been a pull-up for nature lovers. Along the river Vlist, the bonrepas of Napoleon in the days, between Schoonhoven, Oudewater and the chees city Gouda you will find numerous magnificant traditional farm houses and wind mills. Bistro De Vlist has an extensive menu  with a la carte dishes, plate service […]

Restaurant Bij Mette

Early 1900 Metje Brouwer lent her name to the buidling in the heart of the beautiful village of Linshoten! Under the church tower at cycling distance form Montfoort and Woerden and within a bow’s shot distance form Oudewater, Schoonhoven and Utrecht you find restaurant ‘Bij Mette” (at Mette’s). We look forward to seeing you in […]

Restaurant De Burgemeester

Only a kilometer away from the A12 main road you will find restaurant De Burgemeester (the major) in the picturesque village of Linschoten. The restaurant is located in the former town hall of the villages of Linschoten and Snelrewaard at the banks of meandering river ‘the korte Linschoten’ . De Burgemeester through the years built […]

Castle Montfoort

Enjoy lunch or diner in the atmospheric taproom on on the romantic terrade. With a small party you are also welcome in the powder room, armoryof the wine cellar. At Castle Montfoort you can enjoy exquisite dishes in a warm and stylish atmosphere. Imagine yourself viscount of Montfoort for one day! If you can we […]

restaurant Joia Oudewater overnachten Onder den peerenboom

Bistro Joia

Bistro Joia is located in a beautiful historical national monument in the old town of Oudewater. It means ‘joy’ in Latin or ‘Joie’ in French. In short a universal synonymus  voor the pleasures of life. The owners hope to make you enjoy them! Joia You can reach bistro Joia from Onder den Peerenboom in a […]

Restaurant De Schans werkt samen met Onder den Peerenboom

Restaurant De Schans

Between the cities of Oudewater and Montfoort – in the former city of Willeskop to be precise – you will find restaurant De Schans. Chef Ries Verburgt understands like no other how to create culinary delights for very reasonable prices. Using mainly local and seasonal products he combines flavors into a sublime composition. This is […]