city museum Woerden

Active, versatile and dynamic Woerden is attractively located in the The Green Heart of The Netherlands, between the cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. The city has a history of centuries of which very little is known especially in relation to the first thousand years of the era, or even older. Fortunately the area little by little exposes parts of it’s history through soil survey.

City museum Woerden

City museum Woerden is located in the heart of Woerden. In the former 16th century ‘Stedehuys’  (city house) with pillory hostory and art interchange. The museum building itself is an attraction. The ground floor was put in to use as ‘stedehuys’ of Woerden in 1501. In the 17th century the building was extended with an additional floor in renaissance style. In front of the building there is a sandstone pillory taht dates back to 1567 which is unique in The Netherlands. On the first floor you will find amongst others the beautiful “Vroedschapszaal”, where centuries ago the municipality would meet. The 17th century woodcarvings, an original fireplace, the stained glass windows and beautiful landscpae paintings set the tone. The new archeological department in the second floor shows special finds from the Roman past of Woerden.

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