in the countryside

Onder den Peerenboom is located in the rural village Benschop in the middle of what is called ‘the green hart’ of The Netherlands. Benschop is part of the municipality Lopik. You will find all the villages of Lopik in an area called the ‘Lopikerwaard’ which lies between the river ‘Hollandese IJssel in the north and the river ‘Lek’ in the south. The area is characterized by the sol called ‘cope’ allotment with spacious open pastures, canals, groves and hedgerows. Also typical are the wide development of  typical so called long-house farmhouses and barnyards.

rural cutural heritage for your stay or meeting

A national research of old barns and outhouses showed that some of the barns on our property are of high cultural heritage value. Cultural heritage is defined as all that was built or made by past generations  and that still exists and has a monumental or museal value. We tend to look for cultural heritage in buildings and other tangible matters but actually in intangible things is where you will find much of the past: a perspective way into the polder landscape, a diversity of natural boundries, the layout of the yard.The listed farmhouse, the barns, the location of the kitchen garden, the orchard, it all makes a magnificent part of the Dutch cultural heritage. We aim to preserve it and share it with you!


a polder view

The work we do is supported by the European Fund for Rural Development (POP2), the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food, the province of Utrecht and the municipality of Lopik.