Breakfast in bed. Small eaters, big eaters, fast eaters, munchers, healthy eaters, gourmets…….Breakfasts wishes as many as guests, This is why we serve different types of breakfast . For you this means that the breakfast you like goe shand in hand with ours thoughts about sustainability. When we can tune the products and quantity to your needs we prevent having to needlesly throw away food, one of the biggest wastes  in hotels.

Een klein Frans ontbijt bij Onder den Peerenboombreakfast Paris: breakfast like you will find it in small bars in every street in Paris. A big ‘café au lait’ or an espresoo with a warm croissant, a chocolate roll or a raisin bun or maybe a ‘tartine’ with seasalted butter and honey? Accompanied by fresh fruit and a glass of fresh orange juice is it the ideal start of the day.


cheese en wordtbreakfast Benschop: in the vicinity of Onder den Peerenboom beautiful products are grown and produced from which we make you a wunderful Dutch breakfast. Superb bread from Carl Siegert and Menno, cheeses straight from the farm and a warm croissant with home made marmelade. Our creamy curds we get from across the street and the fruit comes form our own orchard. Fresh orange juice, buttermilk if you like, and fresh eggs from our own chicken.

bacon eggsbreakfast Londen:  scrambled eggs, slowly cooked bacon, sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and of course toast! Should it please you then we will add baked beans. Marmite, worchestershire and ketchup on the side. Maybe not typical but we will surely add some fresh orange jeuce to it ! Justly a full English breakfast.

blueberrypancakebreakfast Gluten free: if you want your breakfast to be gluten then we have a perfect option for you! In addition to the many products we use that are gluten free by nature we can make you a variety of gluten free dishes. Take for instance the typical Dutch breakfast cake of delicious blueberry pancakes.  We are also experienced in cooking for people with other or even multiple foor intolerances.

639760breakfast Healthy & Cereals:  creamy curds with different fruits and our home made granola with dried cranberries. In our granola we use all sort of fibers, germs and flakes that are so important to our health and vitality. If this is healthy but not enough for you breakfast we will serve you a cook, fried, poched or scrambled egg with it on a piece of Menno or Carl Siegert bread. Some farmers cheese and of course fresh orange juice or the Dutch glass of milk or buttermilk.

eggs-benedict-aBreakfast? I take my time!: if you feel like taking your time for breakfast we will prepare you one that is composed of all the different breakfasts above. It’s the most extensive breakfast we serve with freshly baked bread, croissants, different cheeses, yoghurt or even blini’s with salmon. We make this breakfast in consultation with you. We will add a different special every time for which you will find some suggestions below. Breakfast? I take my time! is tailormade for you.


blueberry pancakes with warm maple-syrup and a knob of butter,
fresh, creamy curds with blueberries and honey caramelised walnuts
applejacks with maple-buttersauce
breadpudding with pecan-caramel
banana pancakes with macademia anglaise
eggs Benedict
Onder den Peerenboom granola with cranberries
home made ginger or coconut jacks
tutti-frutti kebabs with a seedcake glaze