Green Key

Gastenbrief Greenkey versie oktober 2013

MVO verklaring


Green Key

Onder den Peerenboom is the only bed and breakfast in The Netherlands that operates according to the standards of Green Key. This is the international standard for companies who seriously and accountably consider environment and surroundings in their business. Green Key requires companies to do considerably more about environmental care than current law and regulations do. Therefore we are very proud to be able to combine this way of working with Onder den Peerenboom’s 5 tulips quality level, a combination of which litterally only one exists in The Netherlands! An MVO accommodation,

What will I notice from Green Key you may wonder?


energie zuinige comfortabele gietvloer

resin floor

Your room or apartment is lovely warmed by floor heating in the confortable resin floor that efficiently heats from the water that is pumped around by pumps that use 95% less energy than average pumps!

You wash your hands without splashing everything including yourself and use less than half of the water than you would with an average sink!

You shower in an exuberant water jet which inly uses 40% of the water of a normal shower head but still gives you the feeling of a rain shower with the built in air technology.

You sleep soundly under fresh fairtrade bed linnen that made cotton farmers in South America a fair income and that was produced without the use of chemicals to whiten them.

milieuvriendelijke verf en LED verlichting

acryl paint and LED

You have plenty of space in the comfortably decoreted apartments and room, that were fully finished with building materials that were partially of fully recycled and have the least impact on the environment, These building materials like glass, wood and paints were all approved and certified.

You enjoy  the most delicious breakfast  made of products we either grow ourselves  or buy from producers directly around us: the bread, the eggs, the fruits, the vegetables, the cheeses etc. Not only do we get it on  our bicycles but more importantly it did not travel the world to get here!

Ultimately you are enjoying your well deserved peace and quite in comfort and at a far lower impact on the environment and the world around us. And that is a nice bonus!