Restaurant Marnemoende

uit eten Marnemoende overnachten Onder den Peerenboom

Bon appetite!

Restaurant Marnemoende is located in the middel of the Utrecht landscape at the banks of the river Hollandse IJssel. The restaurant has a contemporary appearance for which the ecological environement is the starting point. You will find lots of details of this in the interior. Wood and other natural material have been used to harmonize the restaurant with it’s surroundings. You will also find this appreciation for nature in the kitchen and the choise of products.

Marnemoende and Onder den Peerenboom

Although Marnemoende is a 15 minutes drive from Onder den Peerenboom it is certainly worth it. Especially on a beautiful summer night when you can have diner out on the terrace overlooking the Hollandse IJssel.

Marnemoende, getting married and Onder den Peerenboom

trouwen Kasteel Montfoort huwelijksnacht Onder den Peerenboom


Should you be considering of already have decided to have you wedding day at Marnemoende then Onder den Peerenboom is a great location for you wedding night. We look forward to discussing with you or your master of ceremonies how we can seamlessly make your wedding day flow into your wedding night.


” We spent our wedding night at Onder den Peerenboom. It was a great location and a perfect suite. It was way mote atmospheric and romantic than a hotelroom. The service was very good. Breakfast was magnificant! For all you engaged to be married couples: we highlt recommend Onder den Peerenboom for your wedding night. ” 

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