Meeting location

vergaderlocatie Onder den Peerenboom heeft een kunstmuur

art wall

vergaderlocatie Onder den peerenboom serveert Nespresso koffiespecialiteiten


A place to meet outside the office. People come together at external locations for may different reasons. To get away from the everyday surroundings, a training that requires a centralized location, or the need of privacy for a private consultation. To facilitate a meeting is like preparing a dish. You can buy the best ingredients that are available but how they turn into a great dish in the end all comes down to the capabilities of the chef. We think about your meeting in the same way. What makes you meeting complete is a hostess that knows like no other how to unnoticed make sure that all participants of the meeting can fully focus on the reasons why you ave come together and on achieving the goals of your meeting.

vergaderlocatie Onder den Peerenboom met boardroom Dandelion


De vergadertafel bij vergaderlocatie Onder den Peerenboom biedt plaats aan max 14 personen

14 people

meeting location – the boardroom

At Onder den Peerenboom our full attention goes to one exclusive organization every day. All our focus is on you and your party and we are very flexible in taking care of all aspects of your meeting like for instance catering or maybe team building activities or a guided walk through the polder landscape for relaxation. Once more, since you are our exclusive guest you are sure of complete privacy.  The boardroom has all facilities illke an HD projector with sound system, airconditioning, wifi, coffee, tea etc. We have sufficient parking space. The boardroom seats a maximum number of 14 people.

Buiten vergaderen bij Onder den Peerenboom

walnut orchard

U kunt bij Onder den Peerenboom vergaderen aan de picknicktafel

oak picknick table

meeting location – the orchard

If the weather allows you so you can hold you meeting outside. You can do so either  at the massive oak picknick table or you can find a different spot for instance under the walnut trees or the pear tree where we can set up a table for you. Should one of your goals be to combine business with pleasure we have some nice options for you. While enjoying snacks and drinks you and your group can make use of our terraces  and petanque court of maybe play Kubb. Outside meetings are ideal to combine with one of our meeting packages

catering Onder den Peerenbbom gerecht tarbot


lunch Onder den peerenboom met landbrood en gerookte biefstuk

steak on country bread

meeting location – catering

If you want to start yourmeeting early you can have the Onder den Peerenboom business breakfast. Through the day you can use the Nespresso coffee specialties, tea, ice water and a variety of local sweet specialties as a part of our coffee packages. We prepare lunch in close consultation with you  and we can take into account allergies and food intollerances. Diner is served in conjunction with different partners form buffets to a diner with multiple courses at a an immaculately laid table.

Arrangement van overnachten en vergaderen

rustige start

meeting location – packages

Why do things the hard way? Will you be giving a training course or are you in any other way the host of a meeting or caching then you may want to  consider combining this with overnight stay. You can have a relaxed breakfast in the morning and prepare for you meeting. We have a special package for this.