Restaurant De Burgemeester

De Burgemeester dineren Onder den Peerenboom hotel


Only a kilometer away from the A12 main road you will find restaurant De Burgemeester (the major) in the picturesque village of Linschoten. The restaurant is located in the former town hall of the villages of Linschoten and Snelrewaard at the banks of meandering river ‘the korte Linschoten’ . De Burgemeester through the years built up a great reputation with it’s untaught hospitality and creative mediterranean kitchen. This was rewarded with a Michelin star at the end of 2010. Craftsmanship and sincere attention are the keys of this restaurant. Honor ‘The Major’with a visit!

De Burgemeester and Onder den Peerenboom

You will get to ‘De Burgemeester’ in 10 minutes from Onder den Peerenboom. In combination with your stay we are more than happy to take you to the restaurant and pick you up again so you can enjoy the marvelous wines with your diner.

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