Saab museum d’Oude Bolneus

Saabmuseum woerden overnachten Onder den Peerenboom

d’Oude Bolneus

The successes of Eric Karlson in two stroke Saab’s in amongst others the rally of Monte Carlo in 1963 and the sound of the beautiful black two stroke that passed trhough Woerden (Brr popop-pop!!) made Leo Borsboom  fall in love with Saab. Leo who started his own garage in 1968 became the Saab dealer for Woerden and surroundings. In these days the collecting of old two stroke Saab’s started as well which was the foundation for the Saab museum as it is today. By now a group of enthousiastic Saab lovers have founded an association that do odd jobs for the museum. Because of this many more people will be able to enjoy these special Saab’s in the future. De museum’s goal is to collect, maintain, display and give education about Saab automobiles.

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