A walk with the ‘polderguard’

The Dutch landscape is full of stories. To be able to tell the stories visual artist Marcel Blekendaal has mothered the one and only ‘polderguard’. On woodenshoes and with his leaping pole in hand he will tell you exiting stories  about sturdy cows, wrong trees and water rabbits. As icing on the cake Marcel will give you a crash course in pole jumping (can, no must).

Wandelen polder combineren vergaderen Onder den Peerenboom

walking through the polder landscape

A walk with the polderguard and your meeting

Walking with the polderguard can be excellently combined with your meeting, training or coaching at Onder den Peerenboom. We take care of the inner man with a sturdy breakfast or lunch and you stroll into the polder starts at our location. Let yourself be surprised by Marcel’s knowledge and stories. He reads the landscape as the palm of his hand.