Wedding night

huwelijkPopularly we speak of the wedding night but at Onder den peerenboom we think it is something to be looked at differently. We see it as your first moments together alone after a beautiful day with friends and family. Alone as man and wife, full of emotions, full of sweet memories and so much to talk abot and share. But perhaps you may also be  tired, with sore dancing feet, maybe a little tipsy and with the need to just plump down for a while and have a night cap. The end of a day and the start of your life as man an wife….

huwelijk uitgesnedenWe would rather not explain here how we think we should turn the tail of your wedding day into a wonderful and memorable moment. We can of course discuss it with you but maybe it would be nicer if we discussed it with your master of ceremonies and keep it a surprise to you? However, if you want to stay in control yourselves we will be more than happy to go through it with yourselves!


” We spent our wedding night in Onder den Peerenboom. It’s a great location and perfect place. It was so much more atmospheric and romantic than any hotelroom. The service was great as well. Breakfast was just delicious!. To all engaged to be maaried couples: we truely recommend Onder den Peerenboom for your wedding night ” 

Fiona and Mennold, on Bed & Breakfast Nederland