Have breakfast like an emperor….

So the saying goes: eat breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a prince and dine like a beggar. At Onder den Peerenboom we therefore put great effort into it!

Not everyone has the same wishes for breakfast. One person is satisfied with a croissant, the other really sits down for it. One person doesn't want meat, the other wants to be vegan. There are also guests with allergies or dietary requirements. We are eager to make everyone an excellent breakfast!. If you have a specific wish, please let us know.

Breakfast menus

All prices are in Euro, per person, and include VAT. - (veg) - also vegetarian | (Ⓥ - also vegan) | (gf) - also gluten free)

The little emperor – (gf)


A warm croissant with butter and jam or a "pain chocolate" accompanied by a bowl of freshly cut fruit and a glass of fresh orange juice.

The dairy emperor – (veg) | ⓥ | (gf)


Fresh orange juice, fruit, yogurt and homemade Onder den Peerenboom granola.

The hearty emperor – (veg) (gf)


Floor bread with farmhouse cheeses, cold cuts and an egg of your choice boiled or baked. Of course fresh fruit and a fresh orange!

The vegan emperor


We have built up extensive experience in making a vegan breakfast. Even if you are used to eating meat you should give it a try. You will be surprised.

The delicious emperor – (veg) (gv)


A graceful start. Carl Siegert organic monastic bread and butter croissants. Creamy cheese fresh from the farm, cold cuts and sweet spreads. Silky soft yogurt with homemade granola and freshly cut fruit. The perfect egg, fresh orange ...

The English emperor – (veg)|ⓥ| (gf)


Scrambled eggs and slow-cooked bacon with even more hearty food: fried mushrooms and tomato, breakfast sausages and white beans with tomato sauce. We also make this dish vegetarian and then grill beautiful vegetables!

Breakfast dishes

Eggs Benedict – (veg) (gf)


Two poached eggs with bacon from the back and hollandaise sauce. Served on toasted biscuit.

Eggs Florentine – ⓥ|(gf)


Two poached eggs with sautéed spinach and hollandaise sauce. Served on toasted biscuit.

Omelet Le Petit Doruvael


Light omelette with the regional cheese Le Petit Doruvael, which is made around the corner in 'Blokland'. Served on hearty floor bread.

Sunny side up


Two fried eggs with avocado, grilled tomato and an organic monastic bread from Carl Siegert.

Frysian sugar bread (sûkerbôle ) with banana


French toast made from sugar bread with fried banana and cinnamon sugar.

Nutella – ⓥ|(gf)


French toast of brioche with Nutella and salted caramel syrup.

Bear shooter (Berenschieter) – (gv)


Double thick French toast, double filled with farmer's ham and cheese, and baked in our secret bear shooter batter.

Grilled sandwich with scrambled eggs and old cheese -(gf)


A grilled sandwich of floor bread with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, pesto and old farm cheese.

Blueberry pancakes – ⓥ|(gf)


A stack of freshly baked blueberry pancakes with buttermilk batter and warm maple syrup.

Whole grain pancakes – (gf)


Whole wheat pancakes with carellised apple, yogurt and butter syrup.

Overnight oats – ⓥ|(gf)


Oatmeal with fruit that spent a night together!

Oatmeal – ⓥ|(gf)


Warm oatmeal porridge, possibly with raisins, and with freshly cut fruit on the side.

Mango-apricot dream – ⓥ|(gf)


Layers of silky smooth yogurt interspersed with baked oatmeal and a mouse of mango and apricots.

Breakfast side dishes

Fresh orange juice


A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

Fresh fruit


A bowl of freshly cut mixed fruit.

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