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Many of the photos on our website were taken by Martijn Kalkhoven. Martijn has over 14 years of experience as a photographer and professional cameraman. In these years he has provided images for short films, TV series, internet series and feature films. We are very happy with the professional help of Martijn, but above all with the friendship with him and his family! If you would like to see more of Martijn’s work, take a look at his instagram profile as a start.

Photographs used

The pictures on our website are largely our own. Where we use photos that are not our own, we have used royalty-free stock material, traced the rights holders and asked for permission, or tried to find out the rights holder as much as possible in order to be able to use the material with their permission. This may not have been successful in all cases, so if there are photos of which you can demonstrate that you are the copyright holder, and that you do not want us to use the photo, we would appreciate it if you contact us so that we can take appropriate action. You can reach us through one of the channels on our contact page.

Photos on our website for which we have permission to use include:

Martijn Kalkhoven (Framewise): bezoek het instagram profiel van Martijn

Het Nederlands Openlucht Museum: bezoek de website van het  Nederlands Openlucht Museum

Catering photos: for the catering photos we also use photos of our catering partners,

Catering aan de Wetering, Personal Chef Hans van Mierlo

Pixabay: Kubelik2

Unsplash: Karolina GrabowskaFahmi Fakhrudin, Kavita Joshi Rai, Sara Servera, Thom Milkovic ,Jess Bailey

Pexels: Polina TankilevitchKim Stiver, Nubia Navarro


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