Catering from Bonbon to walking dinner

The art of catering is to do it just right for everyone. That is also part of guest wisdom. Let's just put that first at Onder den Peerenboom.

Good quality please!

Over the top 'has made way for' just do it, but please do it right! ' We take a critical look at the partners we work with and at the products we use. We get them from local producers as much as possible. This way we put a nice meal on the table every time, from bonbon to walking dinner. We also know that there is an increasing focus on the origins of food and waste.

Attention to origin and waste

When it comes to catering, we have seen the eating habits of our guests change over the years. On the one hand, an increasing awareness of what people eat and where the food comes from. On the other hand, there is more awareness of food waste. Our guests actively address us about this. To us, doing just right for everyone is more than just serving good food.

What are we eating today? We propose....

Below you will find a guide for the catering of your meeting. Before you visit us, we will discuss with you what the catering for your meeting will look like. We are happy to discuss whether there are dietary requirements or allergies that we should take into account. We can also discuss the wishes of people who would like to eat vegetarian, vegan or halal.What we discuss we work out for you in a quotation.

Throughout the day

All prices are in Euro, per person, and exclusive of VAT. - (vegan, vegetarian, halal, other dietary requirements and allergies in consultation)

Coffee and tea package (daypart/day)

8,50 / 14,50

Unlimited coffee specialties, tea, and fresh ginger and mint tea. With a delicious assortment of cookies.

Coffee and thee Comfort (daypart/day)

12,50 / 19,50

Unlimited coffee specialties and tea, fresh ginger and mint tea, and soft drinks. A wide range of biscuits, chocolate, brain food and fresh fruit. Table water and filled candy jars!

Cake or pastry


Delicious freshly baked cake (minimum 10 persons) or an assortment of loose cakes.



Verse, gezonde producten om u scherp te houden en gezond te snoepen tegelijk. Een smoothie, groentetuintje met dip etc.

Savory snack


From a Brabantian sausage roll or sausage to a quiche or oriental wrap. Great for extra energy in the afternoon!

Dutch snacks plate


A snacks plate from the polder but with an Amsterdam character. Bitterballen and other snacks, Old farmer's cheese and ox sausage with mustard. Our snack board is always accompanied by nibbles and nuts.

Around the world snacks plate


Yakitori from Japan, Mexican nachos, caprese from Italy, tapas from Spain and a surprise from our own little country. Naturally with nibbles, nuts and olives.




For lunch we serve a salad with luxury organic sandwiches with salmon, cheese, cold cuts and a vegetarian option. We squeeze fresh orange juice and you will find milk and buttermilk.

Dairy, fruit and hom made granola


Creamy yoghurt or cottage cheese of your choice with sliced fruit and our homemade granola.

Van Dobben croquette


De kroket mag eigenlijk niet ontbreken bij de lunch toch? Voor wie geen vlees wil hebben we ook de variant met heerlijk kaas.



Quiche Lorraine or quiche with mozzarella and vegetables.



We discuss in advance which soup you prefer and prepare it for you. (minimum 6 people)



A warm wrap with pulled pork or a cold wrap with salmon. (minimum 6 people)


Dinner buffet


Choice of Indian, Dutch, American and Antillean buffet.

3 course menu


A 3-course dinner that we coordinate with each other in advance!

Barbecue & Dutch Oven, cook yourself


With us you can barbecue and cook in the Dutchoven. In consultation we put together the menu and agree on a price.

Barbecue & Dutch Oven, cooked for you!


With us you can barbecue and cook in the Dutchoven. In consultation we put together the menu and agree on a price.