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About the bed & breakfast

The bed & breakfast that makes you happy!

Onder den Peerenboom - quality, hospitality, comfortable facilities and happy faces!

Are you looking for a place to take a break, or to get up rested to go to your business appointment? A place where you can doze in the shade of the pear tree to the sound of waving reeds. Get away from the busy life for a while. A place as a base for shopping, a drink on a terrace, eating out, together. A place to just sit together on a bench by a fire. Our goal is to be that place for you. We consider four things to be of paramount importance: quality, hospitality, comfortable facilities, and happy faces!

“We have never seen such a great site before.”

Rien, on

“We have never seen such a great site before.”

Rien, on

Quality as the basis

From the day we received our first guest in 2010, quality has been our top priority. You will notice this in the first place due to impeccable hygiene. In addition, your bed, breakfast and facilities are of course excellent. Finally, we hope that you appreciate that we do this actively with attention to the environment and surroundings.

Guest wisdom

We call the interest in and the attention for you guest wisdom. It is also who we are. A stroll around the site, a chat about the children, understand what makes you happy, and therefore also know when to be aloof. Nothing should distract you from why you spend the night at Onder den Peerenboom.

Comfortable amenities

The rooms of Onder den Peerenboom are of the highest standards when it comes to furnishing and comfortable amenities. There is the large garden with comfortable furniture, the jeu des boules court and the large picnic table. You can also book the hot tub or beauty salon. Free parking and charging points for car and bicycle!

Happy faces

When you think back to your stay at Onder den Peerenboom with a happy face, we are satisfied. If you have achieved what you had in mind and we have been able to make a positive contribution, then we have also achieved what we wanted to do for you.


Friendly, warm reception. Dutchtub is definitely recommended!



Beautiful location, the apartment is fully equipped. They are luxurious and styled with love. Wonderful beds! A real resting point. Femke and her husband ensure that you lack nothing. Don't hesitate, just do it.


Well done!

It is a wonderful location to escape. We felt very welcome and enjoyed the hot tub with delicious snacks and drinks. The next day a delicious breakfast. Well done!

Marieke, Google

Very nice stay!

Beautiful garden, beautiful room, very attentive host and hostess, very fantastic breakfast!

Arjo, Booking

Relaxation at its best

The environment, the hosts and the pleasant casual conversations we had with them, the breakfast, in short, we will definitely go "on repeat".

Hans, Booking

Bijzonder overnachten - zorg voor milieu en omgeving

Attention to sustainability

In 2011, Onder den Peerenboom was the first B&B in the Netherlands with Greenkey certification. We still continue this line today.

Bijzonder overnachten - Nederlands Cultureel Erfgoed

Dutch Cultural Heritage

At the farmyard you will find buildings as well as non-material elements that are considered part of the Dutch cultural heritage.

We regularly create a blog with information about the area, restaurants, nature, etc. Click on the icon above for the blog!