Three flavors of IJsselstein


anuit Onder den Peerenboom is IJsselstein goed met de fiets te bereiken, en parkeerruimte voor de auto is er ook ruim voldoende. Hoewel er een keur aan restaurants is in IJsselstein zijn er drie plekken die we graag met u delen omdat wij er tot nu toe altijd enthousiast over zijn.

N.b.: As a result of Covid-19 and associated measures such as lockdowns and closure of the catering industry, the following restaurants may be closed, have different opening hours and the market has moved. Check this on the website of the restaurants.

Koffie met ouwe taart bij Marcus

Friday evening is a good time to visit IJsselstein. Then there is the largest night market in the province of Utrecht! When you walk across the market, you will find Marcus about halfway. With a cup of coffee you can order the original “old cake” there. Ouwe pie is an apple pie that was invented by Marcus and can now be ordered with coffee in many more places in the Netherlands. Part of the proceeds from the cake will be donated, including the Zonnebloem and Stichting Met je hart. These are foundations that work to combat loneliness among the elderly. If that is not a nice cup of coffee! By the way, on the way back, take some tapas from Tapas La Cosina , known as the maker of the best Paella in the Netherlands, for when you will soon be back in your apartment.


Bitterballen bij Rivers Marnemoende

Rivers Marnemoende is a restaurant in the marina of the same name on the Hollandsche IJssel. The restaurant has a great terrace with a view over the harbor and the river. What we like to do is rent a whisper boat and sail over the Hollandsche IJssel to Monfoort. That is a nice trip of just over half an hour through the reeds, past meadows and sometimes beautiful back gardens. We will moor there for a while to eat delicious ice cream at Daan’s ice cream parlor. Afterwards, back at Marnemoende, you can relax on the terrace in the setting sun with a drink and ‘bitterballen’. Depending on the weather, we sometimes stick around and eat outside.

Gestoomd ei bij Insho

Inscho is our favorite sushi & amp; grill restaurant in IJsselstein. The restaurant is located at the very end of the shopping street, and therefore no longer in the bustle. The advantage is that you can park well and Insho has its own cozy courtyard for outdoor dining in the summer. Do not expect an all you can eat restaurant but a menu with dishes that you can order. Delicious grill dishes, teppanyaki and great sushi. Our favorite dish is also on the menu: chawanmushi! For this dish, egg, chicken, shrimp and mushrooms are steamed (mushi) in a special bowl, a chawan. Delicious!